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"We help people figure out what they want most in life and then we show them how to achieve it."

    Coach Camille works with individuals, entrepreneurs, professional sales people, women in transition and couples to help them take a look at their lives and their results and decide what it is they want going forward. It might be prosperity, success in business, vibrant health or better relationships or all of the above! Once they are clear about what they want and why, a customized plan is put together to achieve those goals.  A plan which addresses not only the tactical, but most importantly, the proper mindset and success skill set.

    Her company, Successful Living, is an international training and coaching company dedicated to helping people change their lives for the better by understanding Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction, and Success Principles, then applying them in practical ways every day to accomplish extraordinary things. Her clients range in industries and demographics but all have one thing in common.
They want to be more, do more and have more. They want to live life to the fullest and do so on their terms.

  • If you are looking to improve your life financially, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally;

  •  If you are seeking to improve your personal or professional relationships, your sales or your bottom line;

  • If you know you are capable of accomplishing more and enjoying life more and want guidance to decide and then focus on what that is;    
  •  If you are “stuck” and confronted with obstacles you can’t seem to navigate;

  • If you are in transition and looking to create a new future for yourself; 

  • If you want to take your business to the next level; 


If you are looking for any of the above…

And... If you are ready to make some changes; to think differently, to challenge yourself, to take action and do the work required, then coaching with Camille or bringing her into your organization might be for you. Scroll down to find out how you can get a free 30 minute coaching consultation for yourself, your team or yor organization. With over 30 years of experience and clients who get results, you know you’ll be in good hands. Take your time to look through our website. There's a lot here. Read what others have said about working with us. Look over our programs. Then ask yourself this question,
“What if I (we) really could achieve what I want… with her guidance?”

 "My Mission...Your Success" - Coach Camille



Free 30 minute coaching consultation

Are you curious about coaching? Wonder if it's a fit for you? Wonder if we'll connect? Well, email today for an appointment for a free, no obligation, 30 minute coaching consultation.We'll discuss what you are looking to achieve, examine your options and see what works for you. If what we offer doesn't fit your needs, we'll help you figure out what does.
Give us your:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Phone number and best time to reach you
  • What you'd like to achieve from working with a coach.


Free Stuff!
Get a free copy of the e-book "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles, updated by Camille Kocsis or read it in the female gender in the women's version, "Wealth for Women". Simply e-mail us your request at  info@coachcamille.com




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